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Kita ARCO | Child day care

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A kindergarten design that promotes openness and stimulates senses in harmony with the pedagogical concept.

Location: Berlin

Client: Pfefferwerk Stadtkultur

Area: 700 sqm

Year: 2023

Furniture: Papoq

Carpentry: Tischlerei Velten

Photos: Studio Vale + Pfefferwerk

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With an educational concept based on open group dynamics, we supported the pedagogical team creating a fluid open room program with the necessary features to promote autonomy, curiosity, creativity and interaction.


We used the power of design with our custom-made elements, choice of furnishings and colour concept to stimulate senses through a variety of colours, forms, landscapes and textures.

Floorplan icons MO.png

Theme rooms enable different skills and expressions while adding motor challenges such as ramps, stairs and upper floors.

230822 - Kita ARCO theatre 250dpi WK.jpg


for theater and roleplay

230822 - Kita ARCO 250dpi workshop WK.jpg


for research and construction

230822 - Kita ARCO 250dpi WK.jpg


for writing and painting

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The room usage is fluid: cafeterias can be used for board games, painting classes, as play kitchens or classroom.

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Cloak rooms and corridors offer moments of play and facilitate the interaction with parents and educators.

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