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Thalia DRS | Office

A new office identity

When we started working with Thalia Digital Retail Solutions, we immediately felt their engagement and motivation in doing all of this for the wellbeing of their employees.  

Our scope of work consisted of the design and planning of carpenter fittings, re-thinking storage and greenery integration, furniture sourcing and a new color concept during their switch of corporate identity. This office is inserted within a historically protected building, a former chocolate factory from the 19th century in Kreuzberg-Berlin.


Participatory Ideation

The user is the expert when it comes to defining their needs and vision for improving procedures and workflows.

We hosted and coordinated a digital remote workshop for dynamic and participatory ideation to elaborate on the challenges and solutions and define goals and priorities.

final_6216592ee072ee00aa820262_733625 (1).gif

Client: Thalia

Location: Berlin

Area: 660 sqm

Photo: Sebastian Dörken

Year: 2021

210721 - Entrance.png
210721 - Office2.png

Our visuals engaged our clients on board from the beginning


Custom & modular furniture

To create a quiet space also visually we opted for homogenizing the storage solutions. We created a modular furniture system that brought clarity and clear lines to the space. With this modular system we created sideboards with planters, wall storage, space dividers and even a product testing counter.


Factory green

In a firm between identities we had to create an office colour and material concept that could be open for a new identity.


We picked up inspiration from the factory history of the space emphasizing the industrial machinery green tone and complemented this with warm grey tones and greenery.

The freshly painted staircase establishes an highlight connecting the 2 company floors


A new spirit with only a few steps


Our scope consisted of colour concept, carpentry fittings, greenery and lighting to potentialize and optimize the spatial features of the space.

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