Thalia DRS | Office

A new office peace

As we started working with Thalia Digital Retail Solutions we immediately felt their engagement in doing all this for the motivation and wellbeing of their employees.  

Our scope of work consisted in the design and planning of carpenter fittings, re-thinking storage and plant integration, a new color concept, and furniture sourcing.

210721 - Entrance.png
210721 - Office2.png

Custom & modular furniture

In order to create a quiet space also visually we opted for homogenizing the storage elements. We created a modular furniture system that brought clarity and clear lines to the space. With this modular system we created sideboards with planters, wall storage, space dividers and even a product testing counter.

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Participatory Ideation

The user is the expert when it comes to defining their needs, and vision for improving procedures and workflows.

We hosted and coordinated a digital remote workshop for a dynamic and participatory ideation, to elaborate on the challenges and solutions and set define goals and priorities.

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A new spirit with only a few steps