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La Sorella | Pizzeria

A celebration of imperfection

Our interior design for Sorella, a new contemporary napolitan pizzeria in Berlin-Kreuzberg is a celebration of imperfection. With a 2-month crunched timeline for design, planning and implementation, our material choice was strongly influeced by the resources that were immediately available, but definalely not the most standard ones.


Material board


We sourced all materials from our network and the network of the network, and we are proud that it worked!

A selected marble slab from the rests of a stone masonry, salvaged wood from street trees, created the base which was complemented with a seductive combination of bordeaux veltets and dark tones.

During our design process we saw the value of living with the imperfection of some natural materials and even introducing new imperfections.

collage bar.jpg

Client: La Sorella

Location: Berlin

Area: 181 qm

Photo: Sebastian Dörken

Year: 2023

Old school chairs with a mid-century style were restored and given a new life.


Salvaged wood from Berlin's streets

Several black stains are visible on the table surfaces, the result of slow burn from world war bullets lodged on the inside.

These had to be rescued from Buckower Chausee in the south of Berlin, where they were being cut down in the city to make way for new roads. Usually when trees are cut down in a urban setting they are downgraded to the lowest forms possible: heating.

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