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Moss HQ | Office

An office to grow like a moss

We delivered a full-scope interior design for the fintech growing start-up Moss, to create their new headquarters at the former bread factory in east Berlin. We created a contemporary work base for 80 employees

in alignment with our client's firm culture. Within this short time, we pushed the boundaries with a sustainable strategy combining circular subscription models, recycling, repurposing on-site resources and preparing for flexibility and growth with modularity and design-for-disassembly.

An engaging process 

From concept to tendering and coordination of all services, this office went from a practically empty space into a full-working hub in only 5 months. This was only possible due to an engaged client who was as deeply involved and passionate about the project as much as we were, and with us engaging the perfect partner companies for this particular project, who all understood their work was beyond their assigned tasks, but part of an ultimate and superior common goal.

An obstacle becomes a centerpiece

After many twists and turns when creating the floorplan, there was only one place left to place the ping pong table: right at the entrance.
Unwilling to vulgarize the first impression, we went for designing our own table - turning an obstacle into a centerpiece.

The 10-meter kitchen

Its mossy green colour and glazed ceramic tiles let you know: you've arrived at Moss. Right at the entrance on your left, a long kitchen invites you to take your time with your morning ritual. The kitchen island becomes a morning hub for coffee seekers, slow starters and those just arriving. Inside those 10-meter cabinets are hidden all those nice amenities and accessories a state-of-the-art kitchen requires.


Client: Moss / Nufin GmbH

Location: Berlin

Area: 850 sqm

Photo: Sebastian Dörken

Year: 2023

230329 - 4. OG Isometric.png

Unique details, branding elements and other cool

gimmicks give an additional layer of personality to the space, playing with humour within the spectrum between corporate finance and cheeky start-up.



A hybrid sustainability approach



Striving for circularity, we created a sustainability strategy around subscription models with fallback solutions that still kept assets and resources in the circularity loops as much as possible. Off-the-shelf conventional solutions complemented our approach due to time and market constraints but were kept to a minimum.

Re-humanizing activity-based-working

This take on activity-based-working, prioritizes privacy as a way of re-humanizing the office. Visual and acoustic privacy are provided holistically with architectural solutions complemented with mobile elements. Playful but sound ceiling acoustics, work islands featuring dividers and higher phone booths-to-employee ratio and meeting rooms-to employee ratio support the idea of creating a safer personal space around the user.


Privacy optional

Transparency is not a must, but a matter of personal choice. Meeting & single booths at 1:5 per employee ratio highlight the importance of a safe space, clarity of communication and confidentiality in the fintech sector.


Recycling & Re-purposing

We had the chance to step into the demounting of the office of the previous tenant and order the safe demounting of certain elements. We saw the potential for creating something special out of the bland acoustic panels, which would also represent a major cost-saving factor for the project.

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