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Serena Chair | Product 

The Serena Chair was crafted in Portugal and designed for the exhibition Art On Chairs and conceived for industrial production.

The chairs part are the result of a mix between craftsmanship and advanced robotic (CNC) production technology. The final object is an elegant, simple, ergonomic and stackable chair that is able to integrate with any environment. For inquiries please contact us directly.

Serena minimalist wooden chair.jpg

Craftsmanship meets CNC technology

Minimal... Beautiful.


Photo: CMP

Concealed engineering

Sketch of chair leg joint.jpg
Sketch of chair joint.jpg

The assumed denial of any visible structural elements led to research in joinery techniques and hidden reinforcements, which allow for the chair's slenderness and almost floating appearance.

This initiative of the Paredes Design Center aimed to promote the value of design within the industrial municipality of Paredes and to show the potential of portuguese woodworking.

+ Second prize of the international competition Art On Chairs, awarded by the Paredes Center of Furniture Design.

Factory machine CNC-milling chair legs_edited.jpg
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