German Auto-Labs | Office

Focus & agile office workflows 


For this artificial intelligence start-up we took over the office interior design challenge by designing focus and agile work areas for an improved workflow with better acoustics, comfort and zoning, in an overall more representative corporate space.


Daily and hourly voice automated programming for the voice Automated GPS "Chris" is taking place in order to develop software and hardware.
As the developers constantly need to test the product, they frequently use the new sound proof booths and meeting rooms we designed. Additionally pin walls and movable boards were to produce to complement these.

A consistent wall construction concept proves it self very efficient in sound absorption and sturdiness using a sandwich combination of Nitona (recycled PET Bottle fiber) Plywood and Thermal Hemp insulation.

Design direction: Studio Vale + Clementine Caurier

Client: German Auto Labs GmbH

Location: Berlin

Area: 450 sqm

Year: 2019