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Maraca coin bank for Serralves | Product

The sound of saving money

The Maraca Coin Bank was awarded first prize in the Portuguese Original Products competition, by the Serralves Foundation.

By the moment you start inserting coins in this coin bank, it becomes a maraca too. You can (and should!) shake it to make it sound.

In a playful and didactic way, it addresses the message that one can maintain a good mood and be optimistic in the harsh times of crisis.


It intends to encourage the user to save, by stimulating the use of a money bang and creating an emotional connection through this.

Underrated and obsolete in our days, the coin bank is a very sui generis financial solution but very interesting for small economies.


It presents a flexible deposit, with a customizable term, that allows reinforcements, and guarantees no risk and a 0% rate - instead of a gain policy, it has a no-loss policy.

This project intended to create awareness for the economic reality of the countries in debt, but above all as a source of inspiration and motivation to face the difficult times ahead.

+ Winner of competition POPs 2011 - Portuguese Original Products, awarded by Serralves Foundation.

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