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Secreta desk for Wewood | Product


home-office desk

Secreta is a compact and friendly extendable desk design for Wewood, a furniture manufacturer that is known for its high standards for quality and solid wood expertise. 


At first glance, it appears as a console table. After a single instinctive movement, it becomes a home office. Secreta was designed to meet new work scenarios and increasing home office tendencies, blending living with working space. 

Home office in bedroom by the window by

It is a smart combination of what is necessary for a compact and cozy work space. It offers several storage compartments - including a drawer for the laptop - a cable management solution, and two surfaces at different levels: a tabletop that we can easily pull out and an upper shelf at a console height.


Its simplicity and its small size let it integrate in any kind of home or hotel environment and the subtle details, such as the leather element and its clever and organic construction make this piece elegant and timeless.


Design: Studio Vale + Clementine Caurier

Year: 2018

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