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Sustainable furniture & interior design 

We are an interior design office based in Berlin engaged in creating commercial and corporate spaces with sustainable materials, products and circular processes.


Recent project

Soundcloud HQ

The last years we had the pleasure to support the music streaming provider Soundcloud in re-designing their existing Headquarters in Berlin.

In corona times with the office as we know it in risk of existence, Soundcloud took the proactive step of acquiring an additional floor so that their employees could have more space. 

Impact & Storytelling

We design and promote products and materials with a touching story and deep positive green impact. Sustainability grows faster from mouth to mouth.

Circular thinking

We involve local partners in a collaborative circle, promoting re-purposing, re-use and implementing long lasting and flexible solutions. 

Low footprint

Reducing amount of sources and teams involved we reduce shipping sources, distances and keep the project footprint low and simplifying the logistics.


Participative Ideation

A project kicks-off with collecting and processing input together with users and experts to set-up the right goals.

Design Concept

A solid design concept sets up an identity vision and guidelines for decision-making and moving forward.

Execution Planing

With everyone on-board we plan we go deep in to the technical needs of the project and plan their implementation

Project Management

We process and coordinate the communication between all parts involved, from managers to craftsmen and do cost and time planning.

Construction Management

We are there closely on site for coordinating the teams implementing the vision into reality, finding solutions, making it happen!

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