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Berlin Fashion Network | Retail

A pop-up shop​​ in Berlin Mitte


Berlin Fashion Network opened up a pop-up store in Mitte, the heart of Berlin, in a bold, rebel, young analog retail experience. Passing costumers are tempted into an underground Berlin lifestyle experience with casual garments and accessories fair-trade produced from local fashion designers with tight connections with the local vibrant electronic music scene.

Following the industrial look of the dominating architecture with its concrete walls and black pipes on the ceiling, we developed a furniture concept using affordable materials and finishes such as burnished steel and dyed black MDF, which stands in the background involving the user in a nostalgic atmosphere of industrial raw steel and concrete but most importantly letting the fashion collection stand out on it's own with its bold colors.


It was a pleasure to embrace this bold local retail project. Under the direction of Mark Bendow, I designed the wall and mid-room furniture and defined the interior concept.

Design direction: Mark Bendow
Photo: Martin W. Maier

Area: 140 sqm

Year: 2012

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