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Aktion Weitblick | Social design

Interior design as an enabler for social inclusion


Our partnership with Aktion Weitblick approaches several of their facilities as interior adaptive reuse micro-projects, achieving new spatial experiences and functionalities.

Aktion Weitblick provides socio-educational assistance and housing for people with learning difficulties and mental disabilities, to enable perspectives for life and work.

Client: Aktion Weitblick

Location: Berlin

Photo: Sebastian Dörken

Year: 2023


White clarity, grey warmth & joyful colours

For their office in Berlin we have converted an obsolete waiting room into a multi-functional classroom for seminars, trainings, conferences and workshops.

We contrasted the classic architectural envelope with a bold pop of color and a flexible set-up. All chairs stackable, tables foldable and on wheels. This room can go from nothing to anything in a matter of minutes.

A forgotten basement turned into a learning and leisure space

In one of our clients housing complexes for people with learning difficulties and mental disabilities, we created a space for music creation, rehearsals and the practice of arts and crafts.

A long counter, tons of storage and mobile carts each dedicated to a different art form, define the room.

Several storage units and mobile carts, each dedicated to a different craft, define the room.

This space accommodates lessons and workshops for so many different types of crafts that this storage cart is the perfect companion to keep all of them separate but still organized.

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