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Jägermeinster | VIP-Lounge 

Immersive branding moments

This hospitality space for Jägermeister VIPs at the Eintracht Braunschweig's Stadium gives the guest the experience of belonging to this community that shares the love for sports, jägermeister and conviviality since forever and being part of this family. The football team Eintracht Braunschweig has a long history with Jägermeister that had to be exhibited as both share a deep bond and are part of each others brand culture.

So much fun, so much history and so much pleasure conceived into such a small space, with an amazing view. The story between this two institutions is an old one, and the idea was to highlight the moments of connection, as well feeling them both within this space. An exhibition, a bar, a press wall, a lounge and a football tribune, for football and liquor enthusiasts and friends.

Design direction: Mark Bendow Interior Environments
Area: 24 sqm
Year: 2014

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