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Upscale Interiors | Orderbird Office

Re-designing the employee

& guest experience

A new design for the social area of a start-up office which has been growing and wants to strengthen the community spirit within the company. 

A custom-made seat tribune in oak surrounds the center of the room and invites to talks, seminars, dynamic interactions and complements the cafeteria space.


A completely new space planing: walls were demolished and new walls came up to make space for this town hall or arena.


Other tasks for this project consisted in planning and managing the implementation of acoustic elements such as carpet, desk dividers, and acoustic panels and other carpentry and improvement works.

Client: Upscale Interiors AG

Design direction: Studio Vale

Execution: BPAT Bau mbH, Amelung Craft & Design

Location: Berlin

Area: 1100 sqm

Year: 2019

Photo: Studio Vale

This social area is also part of an user experience tour for visitors who start in the front office, walk along to see a product display and meeting room and pass the town hall to go to the company's café.

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