Miele Innovation Lab

Design for ideation and prototyping 

For the electric appliance giant Miele, during my time as Kinzo, we designed a bespoke workspace specially for the inventors, designers and engineers that deal with actual technological innovations on a daily basis. We created a wireframe kitchen for tests and events that can incorporate easily the most recent appliances minimizing the waste of building "test" kitchens constantly. Complementing this additional elements such as an interchangeable appliance wagon and an innovation lab for quick and informal meetings. Agile and flexible environment perfect for ideation, prototyping and testing, reducing the distance between engineering and design. Curious? Take a look at it at Kinzo's website.

Design direction: Kinzo Architekten GmbH

Clent: Miele & Cie. KG

Year: 2018

Location: Gütersloh

Area: 1.400 qm