Kita Ora | Child day care

Design for better education

Our designed child day care facility in Kreuzberg-Berlin marks our first experience in the world of education design in an endeavour to bring a light in the life of users that usually do not get to have a design consultant for them.

Child day care center Kindergarten ecucation group room with table and stools
View behind sliding door entrance into sunny kindergarden room with wooden furniture
Arches with kindergarten wooden furniture for playing in the corridors with half moon yellow carpet

The future of education is adaptable

Anticipating an accelerated evolution in the sector of public education our furnishing concept contemplates mostly mobile furniture, reducing the amount of built in elements to a minimum in order to be able to adapt to different educational concept through out the time.

In cooperation with Jasse Moebel, a range of products was designed and developed specifically for the project to meet particular needs and ecological standards.

Red and orange mattress and pillows in kindergarten sunny corner
Sleeping room in child day care center kindergarten CAD floorplan illustration
CAD floorplan of child day care center Kindergarden with children sleeping
CAD floorplan of child day care center Kindergarden with children playing

Location: Berlin

Architecure: BSL Architekten

Client: Pfefferwerk Stadtkultur
Area: 960 sqm

Photo: Studio Vale

Year: 2021