Jalou console | Bolia.com

Designing an unique gesture

Jalou is a delicate console & dressing table for the danish furniture design brand Bolia.com with a special slatted wood technique that brings together the subtle falling of textile and the noble touch of wood.

We where highly inspired by bringing suppleness to a solid material so we connected wooden slats through a fabric layer in order to create a drapery effect out of an otherwise stiff material.

Thanks to this new-found flexible system, Jalou offers softness in its handling.

This is integrated in an everyday object that makes the daily ritual more exclusive. To be able to own an exclusive gesture, is much more unique than owning material goods.

It can be used as a console, media table and dressing table, made in FSC-certified wood and available in several wood finishings.
By not having feet, it does not limit you on how to hang it, you can hang it at desk height or console height.

Design: Studio Vale + Clementine Caurier

Year: 2019