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Design Process

Participatory Ideation

When we start project we enter our clients world.

Their community and users hold a set of experiences and know-how that makes them experts on their world and therefore a very valuable agent when designing a new space. 


Floorplan & Zoning

The basics start here with the distribution of departments, functions, task types, circulation areas, social areas, service areas. You name it! 
Usually nothing is ever black and white, so let's use and explore the intersections between social and work areas, circulation paths and optimise focus areas.


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201127 - 5th floor Office Rendered People.jpg
201127 - Reception Rendered People.jpg

Visualisations are a designer's most powerful tool to communicate the projects concept and translate the projects needs and into a vision in an early phase of the project in order to engage all parties into this journey from the beginning on and to make sure our clients are on board with us. Detailed 3D-renderings are great for this.


Simpler room collages are more effective when it comes to quick testing and decision-making moments. 

The more we go into detail in the planning phase, the more we ensure an outstanting outcome. Wall views, elevations, drawings, material sample and & or specifications are fundamental for aligning the details and intentions with the teams involved and the best way for interacting with craftsmen and execution teams.

We love this phase as it brings us closer to the materialization of the concept!

Execution Planing


When different teams are on the game, they have to be organized, scheduled and coordinated. We coordinate and take over project management with the construction teams responsible for implementing the design, from wall construction to carpenter fittings and beyond!


The final touch matters.

When all works are completed we come in with an eye for details, styling and finishing and put everything in the right place and to create that visual impact. An new space is born and we are happy to see new communities and users enjoying and profiting from it.

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