Mondelez | Office

Community focussed interiors


What a challenge of a project. Our client, was coming from an immense transformation process, re-structuring its workforce and going through a re-branding process in order to re-connect the employees with the brand and with each other.

Mondelez_Lemon_One 1.jpg

Full scale colour concept

We brought the new corporate identity of Mondelez in its most possible colorful form into the interiors of the office to involve employees in a joyful, almost naive world, a cheerful work environment hosting a very unique community. Our design resulted in colorful hubs and highlights with smooth transitions and gradients between them.


These color concept was fundamental to bring coherence and balance in the rooms since we were integrating much of existing furniture from the previous corporate identity.


Circular stock management

We redesigned the community spaces with a very minimal footprint, using the immense stock of furniture left over from the downsizing, grouping them by type and colour to fit seamlessly in the new colour concept. 

Upcycling unused elements

We upcycled unused wooden elements into long tables and benches to bring people together into the table. 

Location: Zürich
Partner: Upscale Interiors AG

Graphics: Flexpo

Architecture: CBRE

Photo: Upscale Interiors AG


Year: 2019

Mondelez_Lemon_One 3.jpg