50 Hertz @ Kinzo

A new workspace icon

At Kinzo, we contributed with the interior design and planning of the new headquarters of 50 Hertz, one of the largest energy companies in Germany, in a striking new architectural icon in the skyline of Berlin, close to the Berlin Central Station. The concept generates individual and team work spaces combined with expansive common areas, providing a diverse opportunities for interaction and flexible work situations. See more of the office at Kinzo's homepage

Particularly interesting as the company went through a change management re-structuring process to move from closed office to open space plan, so it was extremely important that the design protects the employee's satisfaction and private sphere while promoting interaction and communication.

I was deeply involved in the design and planning of all the custom-made free-standing and built-in furniture and in the development of integrated lightning and acoustic elements.

Design direction: Kinzo Architekten GmbH
Architecture: LOVE Architecture
Year: 2016